Aziza’s on Main

September Twenty-Ninth Two Thousand Eleven

A great place for food indeed.

Today, Donny, Therochelle and I had lunch at this wonderful spot that Therochelle and I have visited a few times before. So yes we popped Donny’s cherry on this one.

This is a cool spot on Main Street just past the famous GlobeHopper coffee house and lounge ( Where you can check out the delightful and always on point barista Kimmy.

So, back to Aziza’s an awesome spot to tip your hat to some wonderful Lebanese cuisine. Ahhh, like that matters, like I say good food is good food. Does it really matter where it is from, if you like to eat, I think not.


I had the lentil bean and rice soup, along with a roast beef and cheddar. Donny, opted for the same on the sandwich, although he would swear that it was his idea. He decided to skip the bean based soup, and chose a delicate koosa (meat stuffed squash) which I mentally refused to try, in fear of ordering a bowl for myself. As for Therochelle, well she went for the turkey and cheddar sandwich, that I ordered because she was running a little late. After arriving and seeing Donny’s koosa she quickly ordered one for her self. Everyone was pleasantly satisfied with our lunch.

We even chose to top it off with the talk of the town cream puff, and it was great as expected. Just thinking about it makes me wish I had one on reserve.

Bottom line, the food was great and the service was fantastic. I will be back for dinner soon. Don’t forget to stop by and show them some love.

Food in your face RVA and beyond!!!

Hello Everyone,

Or should I say anyone, who would dare to commit such an atrocity as to hang around and delve into my attempt at this blog.

Let’s start out by saying, I have no formal training or schooling, of the college kind, for this experiment in the running,  just a taste for food, and plenty of room to put it. A palate for food, if you will. So, hold on while I try and use this blog as a palette, to paint a wonderful, picture of my experiences. Ha, I said wonderful, bullshit. Time to see how much of an ass I can be, serve me well, and I shall tip you one better.

Let’s see how, and if, I can make an impact on the good food and service I run across, as well as some of the not-so-good food and service encounters.

Who, knows I may even incorporate some other people and stories to account for our time at the table.