Food in Your Face – RVA and Beyond!!

Hello Everyone,

Or should I say anyone, who would dare to commit such an atrocity as to hang around and delve into my attempt at this blog.

Let’s start out by saying, I have no formal training or schooling, of the college kind, for this experiment in the running,  just a taste for food, and plenty of room to put it. A palate for food, if you will. So, hold on while I try and use this blog as a palette, to paint a wonderful, picture of my experiences. Ha, I said wonderful, bullshit. Time to see how much of an ass I can be, serve me well, and I shall tip you one better.

Let’s see how, and if, I can make an impact on the good food and service I run across, as well as some of the not-so-good food and service encounters

Who, knows I may even incorporate some other people and stories to account for our time at the table.

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